Author: Tyler Thompson |

Setting up the Wild/Leica N3 Level: Open the Wild N3 Level instrument carrying case. Remove the Wild N3 Level from the protective case and carefully thread onto the adaptor or tripod. Position the telescope axis parallel to two leveling screws. Rough-level the instrument by adjusting the leveling screws until the bubble in the circular vial is centered. Adjust the level, with the leveling screws, until the split bubbles are in coincidence. Rotate telescope 180 degrees and re-level by bringing the split bubbles into coincidence, using the tilting screw. Observe total number of graduations moved from first position. Turn tilting screw back one-half of total graduations. Bring split bubble into coincidence, using foot screws parallel to the telescope. Rotate the telescope 90 degrees and correct any error with the third plate leveling screw ONLY. Do NOT use the tilting Screw for this adjustment. The instrument should remain level within 1/4 of bubble separation throughout 360 degrees. Each time the telescope is rotated about its vertical axis it will be necessary to bring the split bubble into coincidence before each reading by using the tilting screw. The level is now set up and ready to use.

You may print out a copy of the these instructions here.

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